ITX For Sale

For Sale

Cloud, Software, SaaS, & Managed Services

2022(E) REVENUE: $11.32M

The Company offers a unique centered approach to specialized vertical solutions and best utilization of Salesforce-based technology to address the needs of both Non-profit and Public Sector clients.

Recognized as experts in multiple Salesforce technologies, the Company brings value in subject matter expertise and the ability to apply world-class technology to help organizations overcome historical challenges. The Company boasts formalized partnerships with Salesforce,, Tableau, Mulesoft, Nintex, FormAssembly, Formstack, and Soapbox.

2022(E) REVENUE: $3.7M

The Company is a well-respected and deeply trusted database managed services firm specializing in database technologies services. It is an Oracle Gold Partner, with 30 long-term clients
under 1-3 year, auto-renewing managed services contracts generating 50% of the of the company’s revenues. The Company has also developed homegrown software to manage and monitor its clients’ databases including replication software and security monitoring. One solution provides additional levels of security monitoring geared at detecting suspicious activity very early in an attack, and another ongoing project is a defense against ransom attacks.