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2022(E) REVENUE: $3.5M

The Company has been delivering comprehensive services for building, integrating, creating, and implementing IP solutions for more than 20 years. It is the largest privately owned Internet Solutions Provider in its region and offers colocation and other managed services, IP-enabling and connectivity-related technologies.

The Company also operates a state-of-the-art data center that hosts multiple mission-critical systems and acts as a hub for its operations. Its clients are dependent on uncompromised reliability and include government services departments, specialized medical and financial firms, and other businesses.

2022(E) REVENUE: $11M

The Company is a boutique cloud services and solution provider who custom designs and implements Software Application testing programs. With a focus on Security, Functional, and Performance testing, it has developed programs for customers
in all industries from startups to
Fortune 500 companies. Its services ensure smooth implementations, offering training and ongoing support over and above what is provided by the OEM. Services include automation, performance, and security testing, as well as data analytics and mobile
quality analysis.

2022(E) REVENUE: $29.8M

For over 20 years the Company is a well-established provider of enterprise technology products and solutions. It offers professional, managed cloud and other value-added services to clients including both various Federal Government departments and agencies as well as top contractors and other commercial organizations throughout the US. Additionally, it has multiple government contracts, including BPAs and GWACS, and subcontractor relationships with a wide variety of service and solution providers. It has established and invested in a breadth of technology partnerships with industry-leading hardware and software manufacturers, thus offering customized solutions paired with exceptional support and service capabilities.

2021 REVENUE: $27.5M

The Company is a recognized mid-market value-added reseller and managed services provider focused on delivering secure infrastructure and communications systems to clients with revenues of $75M to $1.75B. The Company is experiencing considerable growth in its managed services offerings as a result of significant investments in building operational efficiencies through people, tools, and processes made in recent years; the growth is accompanied by solid margin attainment for both services and resale.

2022 (E) REVENUE: $27.7M

The Company is a technology-based distribution and lead generation company that delivers cost-effective engagement and conversion of target customers. It is today a Master Agent/Distributor for leading Telecom, Internet, and Cable providers but it has built an unparalleled sales platform and process that could be deployed in any industry. Leveraging its proprietary channel management technology and its global call centers, it is poised for high-margin, continued growth. IT utilizes a combination of proprietary SEO and SEM tactics as well as a national brick and mortar retail affiliate network with more than 1000 retailers. 

2022(E) REVENUE: $17M

With $17M in 2021 revenue, this Company if a fast-growing security solution provider that has experienced significant revenue growth in each full year of operations since the company's founding in 2016. The business represents the top security and infrastructure vendors in the industry such as Fortinet, Meraki, Sophos, ESET, Palo Atlo Networks, Barracuda and others.