Transaction Process

We work exclusively with IT-enabled businesses who are ready to be sold, and M&A decision makers who are ready to buy. Our industry knowledge helps us determine whether a seller is a good fit for our buyers before making a match.

  • Data gathering from Seller

  • Develop proprietary Blind Profile Infographic

  • Pre-Campaign "Bootcamp" from ITX professional

  • Work plan timeline

Day 1 - Day 7

Kick Off

  • ITX develops a qualified, curated investor/buyer mailing list particular to Seller imperatives

  • Launch campaign 

  • Added value to Seller from the ITX team:

    • Present custom valuation analysis​

    • Industry review and M&A market analysis

Day 8 - Day 15

Build Campaign

  • ITX conducts follow up calls with hand-selected buyers

  • Comprehensive, focused email marketing campaigns to buyers

  • Online showcase listing of Seller's blind profile infographic

  • NDA Management

    • Fast, protected signature transfers​

    • Seller approves before full execution of any document

  • Introductions to buyers/investors

Day 16 - Day 60

Buyer/Investor Outreach

  • Seller prepares needed company materials prior to next step: due diligence

  • Continued 1:1 coaching from ITX professional

  • Seller responds to pre-due diligence Request for Information

Day 31 - Day 60

Management Meetings

  • Hire legal representation

    • We suggest our Sellers hire outside teams (legal and/or financial) to assist with due diligence. ITX gladly refers top-notch firms fit for the task.​

  • LOIs submitted by buyers/investors with mutual interest from seller

Day 50 - Day 70

Letter of Intent

  • Continued 1:1 coaching from ITX professional

  • Seller & Buyer teams negotiate Letter of Intent(s) (LOI)

  • Seller signs LOI, enters into exclusivity period with one Buyer

  • Continue management meetings

  • Complete due diligence

  • Negotiate Purchase Agreement

Day 76 - Day 99

Negotiation &

Due Diligence

  • Close transaction

  • Seller & Buyer teams prepare press releases, outreach and/or celebratory announcements

Day 100+

Close Deal


Day 100+

Wealth Creation

Seller Partners

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