We're only in the business of IT Mergers & Acquisitions.


Founded in 1998 by technology CEOs and M&A professionals, IT ExchangeNet is an organized and efficient marketplace for owners of mid-market IT businesses seeking buyers or strategic partners. We follow a disciplined and highly targeted process, bringing buyers and sellers together to close deals with transaction values of less than $25 million.

“The process of selling one’s business is complex and has multiple moving parts — no matter with whom you choose to work. Those moving parts require industry knowledge, steadfast reliability, and unconditional trust. We selected IT ExchangeNet based on their nearly 20 years in the IT M&A space, depth of contacts, and proven strategic counsel. This ended up being crucial throughout the process of selling RoseASP.”
— Linda Rose, Founder, RoseASP
“I found the IT ExchangeNet team to be strategic, thoughtful, and focused on win-win outcomes. They were efficient and reputable as the intermediary in our RoseASP transaction, and we look forward to assessing future ITX opportunities”
— Lewis Talbert, Managing Partner, Swiftcurrent Holdings

Not your ordinary intermediary.


We own a network of more than 50,000 global IT decision makers.

We only work with IT-enabled businesses who are ready to be sold, and IT decision makers who are ready to buy. Our industry knowledge helps us determine whether a seller is a good fit for our buyers before making introductions.  While we'd love to say our process is different than our competitors, the truth is our database of more than 50,000 global IT decision-makers is what makes us the best in the industry.

If we don't believe your company is ready to be sold, we will respectfully pass on the engagement.

ExchangeNet focuses exclusively on smaller companies (sub$25M in transaction value) that are historically ignored by large investment banks and M&A advisors. Specific segments of the IT industry served include Managed and IT Services, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), IT Security, IT Supply Chain, Software Development, Big Data and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).





Our rolodex is heavy.

For nearly 20 years, our team has built relationships with technology leaders, buyers, investors, and intermediaries from around the world.

Most intermediaries are disinterested in selling smaller IT-enabled businesses. We are motivated by the opportunity to represent these owners to buyers in our network. 


IT ExchangeNet facilitated our recapitalization in 2015. As a leading IT solutions company in the data center, infrastructure, enterprise security and networking sectors, we found IT ExchangeNet to have a best-in-class network of buyers in their database. They worked efficiently to bring Virgo to the table, resulting in a successful transaction.”
— Jim Martin, Chairman, Sayers


Facilitating Transactions

Leveraging a proven model of bringing buyers and sellers together through active listening, research, and customized campaigns, IT ExchangeNet is a results-driven marketplace that facilitates successful transactions.


Prior to extending an invitation to join ExchangeNet, all sellers are evaluated by our team to ensure they meet the requirements of valuation, vertical offering expertise, customer satisfaction, and change of a control acceptance. Buyers and investors are evaluated in terms of financial resources, focus on vertical offerings, and historical transactions.


The IT ExchangeNet follows industry standards to maintain a strict code of confidentiality for both buyers and sellers. For strategic and market positioning purposes, all information is protected by mutual non-disclosure agreements that are executed on both ends.



Sellers can accomplish during a short period of time what might typically take months of coordination. We guarantee bringing multiple buyers to the table for thorough meetings.


Business owners and CEOs are provided the opportunity to explore options of being acquired. Buyers and investors are exposed to top middle market technology companies who have the potential to become platform companies or significant additions to a "growth by acquisition" strategy.


This word is so often overused and abused. But our team views it as the foundation of everything we do for clients who have sacrificed and worked ungodly hours to create their own businesses. It's our responsibility to identify buyers who can meet the economic building blocks of a deal, honor their commitments, and have an environment for the acquired business to thrive.