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Strattam Capital Partners With Rock Solid Technologies to Expand in North America

CLEVELAND, November 29, 2018 - Rock Solid Technologies (Rock Solid), a leading software and IT services company in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean; today announced a majority growth investment from Strattam Capital. The investment will enable Rock Solid to accelerate growth in the North American market.

The transaction was facilitated by IT ExchangeNet, America’s leading mergers & acquisitions firm for Microsoft channel partners.

Beginning with only a handful of employees in Austin, TX in 1994, Rock Solid has grown exponentially, accelerating their employee count to 134 and expanding to five locations. Servicing more than 25 countries, Rock Solid specializes in delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to both the public and private sectors. With Strattam’s financial partnership, Rock Solid will create 100 new jobs in Puerto Rico during the next five years within software engineering and information systems consulting.

"During the past few years, and more significantly in the past four months, Rock Solid has been growing outside Puerto Rico. Just a few weeks ago, we announced wins in key cities in Canada and the United States. With the support of Strattam Capital, we are confident that in the next few years Rock Solid, which has been developing software solutions in Puerto Rico for the past 15 years, will become a top player in the global market" said Richard C. Brown, Rock Solid’s president.

“Through their deep domain expertise, Rock Solid software enables government agencies to better serve their citizens,” said Strattam Capital Managing Partner Bob Morse. “We are impressed with the leading engineering capabilities they have built and are excited to be investing with the Rock Solid leadership team to help bring these products to a wider audience across the U.S. and Canada.”

Tim Mueller, CEO of ITX, said, “As we took Rock Solid to market, close to 50 financial and strategic partners expressed interest in learning more about the business. But following our disciplined process, it became evident that Strattam’s long-term vision for Rock Solid matched incredibly well.”

"This company, highlighted by the development of high-quality software solutions for clients from the public and private sectors, is undoubtedly an example of how a Puerto Rican company can evolve and reach new markets in the United States, Central America and Canada. Its continued success should serve as an example for new companies that seek to maximize their services," said Governor Ricardo Roselló Nevares.

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