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Cloud, Software, SaaS, & Managed Services


2024E REV: $3.3M


The company offers cloud-based digital

transformation solutions focusing on implementation, data integration, development, licensing, and general support services. These include CRM, ERP, Document and Workflow Management, Analytics and BI services, custom app-dev, and more. Their ERP offering has more than 10,000 app extensions and an active developer community.


An early adopter, the Company has more than

twelve years of experience directly implementing and developing cloud-based platforms, provides modernization solutions and integration roadmaps.


2024E REV: $4.6M


The Company provides IT security and Managed Services to a diverse base of clients across multiple verticals. With a seasoned team of IT professionals, the Company offers Microsoft 365, cybersecurity services, as well as voice, fiber, and HIPPA compliance. 


The Company safeguards clients from ransomware and data breaches through network security and offsite backups. With an impressive list of long tenured customers (20+ years), the Company delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions that include help desk, IT assessments, penetration testing, disaster recovering planning, and vendor management. 


2024E REV: $4.1M


Founded 16 years ago, the Company offers strategic IT services focused on cloud, managed services, productivity solutions and operational transformation. The Company is an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and ServiceNow Partner that brings leading capabilities and solutions to mid-market companies in multiple industry sectors.


These capabilities span across business-application stacks, availability, performance, risk management, security, and governance with client relationships consistent over two decades. 



2023(E) REV: $15.5M

The Company offers a unique, centered

approach to specialized vertical solutions,

addressing the needs of both Nonprofit and

Public Sector clients through Salesforce-based

technology. It has grown consistently and

significantly since inception and will end the year at over $15M in revenue.

Key offerings include multi cloud

implementations leveraging pre-packaged

accelerators, system integration, data &

analytics, and managed services. 

IT Services, Integration, & Supply Chain



2023(E) REVENUE: $64.2M

Founded in 1991, this Company is a technology solutions provider serving government, education and business inst
itutions nationwide. The Company provides advanced technology solutions and specializes in manager services, software licensing, security, network infrastructure, cloud, storage and IT relocation. 

The Company has expertise in Microsoft and Adobe licensing, along with Cloud Subscription Provisioning highlight offerings. Warehouse staging and deployment of equipment at customer's convenience provides practical logistics for large refresh rollouts. 



2023(E) REVENUE: $4.0M

Based in the Midwest, this fintech company specializes in student loan benefits with expertise in loan forgiveness. It offers a unique blend of proprietary technology and expert advisory services. Its online portal system acts as a combined screening/filtering and enrollment/management system.


Considerable growth opportunities exist for financial platforms looking to bolster student loan advisory services, employee benefits firms looking to supplement with student loan refinancing advisory services, or technology investors looking to capitalize on a growing ARR revenue stream anchored in the $1.8 trillion student loan market.

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