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Cloud, Software, SaaS, & Managed Services


2024E REV: $3.3M


The company offers cloud-based digital

transformation solutions focusing on implementation, data integration, development, licensing, and general support services. These include CRM, ERP, Document and Workflow Management, Analytics and BI services, custom app-dev, and more. Their ERP offering has more than 10,000 app extensions and an active developer community.


An early adopter, the Company has more than

twelve years of experience directly implementing and developing cloud-based platforms, provides modernization solutions and integration roadmaps.


2024E REV: $1.1M


The Company has developed an Employee Experience SuperApp for large geographically dispersed workforces with deskless, frontline employees. By accessing all HR systems through a single, easy to use SuperApp, employees can find what they need quickly and easily with zero training.

The SaaS platform is accessible from mobile and the web, with powerful add-ons that drive communications, productivity, employee engagement and financial wellbeing. The Company has identified a significant trend that within 3 years, most companies with deskless workforces will be utilizing a SuperApp. 


2024E REV: $7.1M


Headquartered on the West Coast, the Company is an MSP focusing on the enterprise, mid-market, and SMB sectors in multiple verticals such as Biotech, Healthcare, Pharma and FinTech. An MSP 501 recipient, the Company has served more than 350 customers and projects 2024 revenue of $7M with adjusted EBITDA of $790k.

With 21 FTEs, this MSP offers a

comprehensive suite of services,

encompassing Managed Services, Managed

Security Services, cutting-edge technology

solutions, compliance, and tailored

professional services.

IT Services, Integration, & Supply Chain


2023(E) REVENUE: $4.0M

Based in the Midwest, this fintech company specializes in student loan benefits with expertise in loan forgiveness. It offers a unique blend of proprietary technology and expert advisory services. Its online portal system acts as a combined screening/filtering and enrollment/management system.


Considerable growth opportunities exist for financial platforms looking to bolster student loan advisory services, employee benefits firms looking to supplement with student loan refinancing advisory services, or technology investors looking to capitalize on a growing ARR revenue stream anchored in the $1.8 trillion student loan market.


2024(E) REVENUE: $1.1M

Founded in 2021, this Company is a trusted partner focusing on optimizing and enhancing technology solutions. The Company was awarded the 2023 Partner of the Year award from a leading global technology company. The business pioneered the first ever Solution Enablement Education (SEE) provider offering efficient solutions. High-growth is expected in 2025 and beyond anchored by exclusive multi-year contracts. Leadership and legacy are in place for a smooth ownership transition.


2024(E) REVENUE: $12.0M

The Company is a 46-year-old established leader in designing, delivering and managing mission-critical technology solutions for a diverse client base across the United States and Canada. The Company is building on their history and vast customer base products to grow renewals and deeper professional services engagements. With four decades of experience and proven track record, the legacy leadership and staff is knowledgeable and in place for new ownership.


2024(E) REVENUE: $7.0M

Founded 8 years ago, with a significant pipeline of business, the Company is a digital transformation consulting firm with expertise in management consulting, technology and business architecture, process improvement, project management, and integration. Boasting a strong Ivanti offering and developing Atlassian capabilities, the Company is seeking a financial partner to help accelerate growth for its three practice areas Enterprise Service Management, Application Transformation, and Cloud Enablement.


2024(E) REVENUE: $3.2M

This well-established Company boasts a proven 15+ year track record of delivering unparalleled service and expertise in ERP, CRM and BI solutions. With a deep understanding of client requirements and strong ties in the State and Local government sector, the Company has earned a leading posiiton as a go-to Microsoft and Net-Suite partner, with a host of complimentary and niche ISV product offerings. 

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