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ITX Facilitates DSD Business Systems' Acquisition of InTWO's Sage Mid-Market Solutions Practice

CLEVELAND, January 24, 2022 ( - The Sage Mid-Market Solutions practice of InTWO, a leading service provider in cloud technology, has been acquired by DSD Business Systems, an award-winning provider of custom software solution suites for small-to-medium-sized organizations throughout North America.

The transaction was facilitated by ITX, a global leader in smaller mid-market mergers and acquisitions focusing on IT Services businesses, MSSPs, MSPs, Microsoft, and Oracle channel partners. It marks the firm's 23rd transaction in the past 13 months.

InTWO helps businesses achieve more with cloud technology by enabling and delivering the most innovative and agile cloud infrastructure and business application solutions possible. The firm's differentiated skillset and global reach earned a strategic relationship with Microsoft as a global multi-tier (direct and indirect) Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

InTWO has 20 years of cloud technology experience, helping over 1,000 customers in 40 countries worldwide. The company, which has offices across USA, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific, originated from a merger of ICS Support, Intech, Levtech Consulting, and SaaSplaza. InTWO is a 100% subsidiary of RIB Schneider group.

"DSD's acquisition of InTWO's Sage practice is a great example of the strength of ITX's buyer network," commented Matthew Putzulu, COO of ITX. "This addition by DSD will result in even more cutting-edge digital solutions."

About ITX:

Founded in 1998 by technology CEOs and M&A professionals, IT ExchangeNet (ITX) was acquired by martinwolf in January of 2021. The deal creates a globally recognized provider of M&A advisory services for transactions spanning $5 to 500 million, with both companies each having more than 20 years of experience in the IT mid-market space.

IT ExchangeNet owns a network of more than 50,000 global IT decision makers. Focusing on smaller companies that are historically ignored by large investment banks and M&A advisors, ITX leverages industry knowledge and relationships to work with companies that are ready to be sold, and buyers that are ready to buy. Specific segments of the IT industry served include: Managed IT Services, MSSPs, software as a Service (SaaS), Hosting, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Cyber Security, IT Services, Software Development, and Big Data.

To learn more about ITX:

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