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Selling Your IT Business Takes Determination and Grit

Tech entrepreneurs who sell their businesses can find new energy for whatever is next.

“The cowards never start and the weak die along the way." – Oregon Trail Frontiersman
Western-style wagon in the forrest

Western explorers remind us of the challenges pioneers faced as they pushed west toward California and the Oregon Trail. It’s a testament to the strength and determination of those who overcame major challenges to reach their destination.

While we could never directly compare frontier legends to tech founders, there are similar personality traits of courage and DNA built into these people that helps overcome adversity.


One of the biggest challenges tech businesses face is competition. There are several million IT services businesses across planet Earth – with Microsoft and Salesforce partners alone making up at least 600,000. Needless to say, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd.

IT businesses also need to be constantly innovating because the IT landscape is ever-changing. Today’s opportunities lie in leveraging AI, automation, next-gen cloud computing and hybrid workplace settings.

Much like pioneers, tech entrepreneurs need to be strong-willed, gutsy and determined if they want to succeed. While generating that first million of revenue is often the hardest, growing beyond $5 million, $20 million or even $100 million is something less than 1% of U.S. businesses ever achieve.

More than 50% fail within the first five years.

Selling Your IT Business

The willingness to take risks requires a whole different set of skill sets. Pioneers and entrepreneurs have a high degree of self-confidence, optimism, resilience, and resolve. They see potential for success in even the most difficult situations and are not afraid to act. These same traits are needed when contemplating the sale of your IT business.

There are many reasons why founders sell their business:

  • Retirement

  • Pursuing other interests (business or personal)

  • Raising capital for a new venture

  • Getting out of a bad situation (distress, divorce, disability, other)

Selling an IT business is a complex and stressful process, but it can also be rewarding and life-changing...

If you are ready or just want to talk about selling your IT services business, let’s talk. We have a global database of more than 80,000 buyers, which has helped us close more than 250 transactions in more than 25 countries.

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