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The Crancer Group Launches Microsoft M&A Marketplace

Updated: May 6

The Crancer Group M&A Marketplace

The Crancer Group, a consultancy offering guidance for partners inside the Microsoft Ecosystem, has formed a partnership with IT ExchangeNet to launch The Crancer Group M&A Marketplace to facilitate the sale of Microsoft partners.

With a global customer base of Microsoft practice owners/operators, The Crancer Group provides Microsoft industry-specific certification training and insights through its Voice of a Microsoft Partner series and organized Microsoft engineering staffing sessions. Celebrating its 26th anniversary, IT ExchangeNet has built a proprietary database of more than 85,000 strategic buyers and private equity firms.

Leveraging best practices in business intelligence and data science, The Crancer Group M&A Marketplace brings together buyers and sellers of Microsoft businesses. It is designed to help channel partners across the Microsoft channel connected via merger, acquisition, and strategic investment to accelerate their business model transformation.

The partnership will accelerate the consolidation of Microsoft businesses, which is trending following recent partner network changes. The Crancer Group’s users will now access services to connect as they look to grow via acquisition, exit their business, and team up with organizations that have complementary skills or scale to answer demand from customers in small, medium, and large market segments.

According to founder Sherman Crancer, “Providing a proven M&A marketplace is a logical offering to our global network of Microsoft Partners. Our work naturally increases value in these practices, and founder/owners trust us to guide them along the lifecycle of their business.”

Tim Mueller, managing partner of IT ExchangeNet, said, “The Crancer Group has earned a trusted reputation among Microsoft partners. This collaboration made sense based on our expertise of bringing together buyers and sellers of Microsoft businesses.”

About IT ExchangeNet: Founded in 1998, IT ExchangeNet is a global leader in smaller mid-market IT mergers and acquisitions focusing on leading channel partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and ServiceNow, as well as MSPs and MSSPs. The firm owns a buyer database of more than 85,000 IT decision-makers and focuses on smaller IT businesses valued below $30M by leveraging long-standing relationships and world-class data analytics.

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